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GPS and ESRI ArcMap GIS Software

DuBois and Associates use state of the art Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to record pertinent data in the field. 
GPS and ESRI ArchMap GIS Software

DuBois and Associates contain state of the art Global Positioning System (GPS) units with high quality antennae that feature sub-foot accuracy.  GPS is used to record pertinent data in the field which is then transferred to ESRI ArcMap Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software for in-office data processing and analysis.  We provide accurate aerial imagery depiction of data collected for easy viewing and interpretation for our clients.  Team scientists produce high quality GIS graphics using GPS data and publicly available information for inclusion in various permit applications. Data collected is also compatible with AutoCAD software which may be incorporated into engineering site plan design.  Information subject to GPS data location includes, but is not limited to, wetland point field data, threatened and endangered species documentation, survey point data information, and soil testing locations.

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