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Environmental & Biological Construction Monitoring

Scientists at DuBois and Associates perform biological and environmental oversight during various construction operations within and surrounding environmentally sensitive areas.  We ensure that best management practices are adhered to during all phases of field construction operations and that project activities are conducted in a manner that has the least environmental impact. 

Our certifications on Federal and State rare wildlife surveyor lists combined with proficient knowledge of soil erosion and sediment control standards/best management practices provides our clients with the dual expertise needed to see that projects are completed in an environmentally responsible manner throughout all phases of project construction. 

Due diligence ecological field surveys prior to construction allows project proponents to implement conservation measures into project design and demonstrate compliance with applicable Federal, State and local regulations.  During project activities, field direction and oversight of construction personnel ensures that projects are conducted in an environmentally conscious manner and in compliance with applicable Federal, State and local permit conditions. 

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